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"Love is louder."

“When I enter the classroom each day, I want my students to know they have the power to succeed.  I work diligently to turn that feeling of confidence into acquisition of technique, skills, and knowledge.


My goal as a teacher is to provide and create both a rigorous and nurturing environment conducive to learning within the classroom, which will also translate to the professional world. 

Connecting knowledge learned within the classroom to practical professional world situations has become a major focus within my teaching practice.  I strive to instill within my students how connecting lines of history can inform the professional industry, how knowledge of technique applies to the latest theatrical trend, and also seek to instill a quest for life long learning. 

My personal style of teaching is that of a holistic approach to both the physical acquisition of skills, but also dealing with the individual spirit of the student as well.  In a highly competitive field, it is hard for students to separate their work within the classroom and career, from their personal self-worth.  I work within my class to also provide students the tools to combat self-deprecation.  I truly believe that once a strong sense of self-worth is created, the student dives head first into the work that lies before them full-force, without hesitation or reservation.”

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